Find talent that matches your company culture...

and screen them for the soft skills most applicable to each job.

Pyxai is scientifically backed to extract soft skills and culture fit from your job applicants, using neuroscience-based behavioral questions and AI processing.

Screen People, Not Resumes

Resumes misrepresent candidates

A company cannot validate a person’s soft skills or confirm if they will fit the company culture by looking at their resume. And often times this information is only determined during interviewing.

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Resumes Introduce unconscious biases
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Resumes make it too easy to screen out those who didn’t attend Ivy League schools, fit certain racial or gender profiles, or lack certain brand affiliations.

Resumes are resource consuming

There are on average 250 resumes per corporate job opening, requiring human resource and time commitment to review them. In addition, it can take up to 8.2 days to conduct phone interviews.

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Screen for what really matters… and reduce attrition

Scientific research has shown that soft skills and culture fit are better indicators of long term job success! Pyxai helps you to hire smarter, so they’ll stay longer.

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Never miss great candidates again!

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Pyxai screens 100% of your applicants, finding hidden talent normally overlooked with screening resumes.

Hire for diversity within your company

Research shows that diverse teams make better decisions more than 87% of the time, and are 33% more profitable. Pyxai helps remove unconscious biases from the hiring process and increases diversity in your teams.

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Save time scanning resumes and doing phone screens

With Pyxai, you’ll never have to look at a resume again, unless really you want to. Free up your human resources, and put time back into your hands by using Pyxai.

How Pyxai Works

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    Pyxai creates Situational Based Judgement Test questions and Gamification, scientifically designed to extract specific soft skills and culture fit traits.

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    When a candidate applies for a job, they instantly get an email invitation to take an online assessment.

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    Candidates answer ~ 20 mins worth of open ended questions. Pyxai uses AI to extract and measure the Culture Fit, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Cognitive abilities of each answer.

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    Pyxai then ranks each candidate based on the results, and produces a fully detailed report on each via a candidate dashboard. The employer then uses this information to make informed hiring decisions.

    Happy hiring!

Try Pyxai Risk-Free

Hiring the right candidate is about fit. Eliminate the doubts and move beyond resumes to screen people with Pyxai. Pyxai will help balance the speed of hiring with quality of hires.